Annie’s Challenge is a family run charity which focuses on organisations that will help prevent and cure cancers relating to the brain. Annie’s Challenge will also help charities that are dedicated to ongoing care and well being for those affected by brain tumours.

As of September 2016, Annie’s Challenge has raised £22,496 for brain cancer research and care.

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About us

As with most charities in existence, our story starts with a loved one getting ill. Annie is a sister, daughter, wife and mother and in July 2015 was diagnosed with an astrocytoma, a brain tumour. Despite the news however, Annie has remained positive and keen to raise funds for other people in her situation. Annie’s Challenge was born out of this desire and a desire to share her story.

Annie’s story starts on 16 May 1986, as the third child of Nick and Madeleine. Her upbringing was somewhat different to many other children, as she developed a number of learning difficulties at a very young age indeed not speak until she was 10 years old. As a consequence she attended a number of specialist schools around England designed to encourage and offer the support that ordinary schools could not provide. Despite what many people saw as a set back, Annie thrived. She grew into an independent, determined young lady with a unparalleled desire to better herself. Taking on new challenges with breathtaking dexterity from cross country running, to kayaking and embroidery! On leaving school, the job market was always going to be tricky for her but she, once again, overcame the hurdles put in her way and secured a full time job at Clarke and Simpson, a firm of chartered surveyors local to where she was brought up. A few years later Annie met David, her husband to be. They married in September 2010 in the local church of St Michael’s, Framlingham on a typical English day, mixed weather, wonderful home cooked food and heaps of bunting! Annie and David were keen to start a family and a year later, Noah was born. Not content with one however, another baby in the form of Lily arrived to complete the family. Annie is a natural mother who has made her children the centre of her and David’s world. For further updates to her more recent activities, Annie has started a blog, the link to which can be found on this website.

Annie’s Challenge is a family run charity based in the heart of Suffolk. The board of trustees is made up of Annie’s parents, siblings and husband who not only try to organise fund raising activities but are also putting themselves on the front line to do so!

Update 3rd April 2016
Our beautiful courageous Annie slipped away from us on Monday 7th March. A hard journey ended. She managed it step by step as she had to. We who supported her were in awe of her strength and determination. The word "brave" would never have occurred to her. She was a very special young lady.



Our chosen charities:

St Elizabeths Hospice
Marie Curie Cancer Care

We are also looking into providing funding for research programmes into all forms of brain tumour. We hope to form long term partnerships with these organisations, but are always on the look out for others to help!


The whole family are going to be undertaking challenges some of which will be so far from their comfort zones to be quite extraordinary!

Henry goes for a walk

Henry and Sam go for a walk

My friend Sam and I will be walking from London to Kathmandu in 2016, a trip of 6,500 miles or in other words, a quarter of the way round the world. We will be crossing Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, China, mountain ranges, desert and remote wilderness to get there. We are proven walkers, with a combined walking age of over 45!


Jill gives up chocolate

Jill gives up chocolate

Jill Paine (Annie's Father's Sister) is giving up chocolate for a whole year.

Anyone who knows Jill knows how hard this will be. We're humbled by her commitment so far, only 8 more chocolate free months to go!

Sponsor Jill

Isobel's ShortCUT

Isobel's ShortCUT

She is mad, it's winter! Isobel Roberts is shaving her beautiful long hair off for Annie's Challenge! What a fantastic, fabulous gesture really in the festive spirit!

Thank you and we hope somebody buys you a bobble hat for Christmas! Just Brilliant! Vlog to follow!!

Sponsor Isobel